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Hairy Glove Hosting

Join our FREE 2-tier affiliate program and earn extra cash selling quality web hosting by simply
linking to us. Payout plans are 100% one time, 20% recurring and 5% webmaster referral.

Our Affiliate Program is a win/win situation. You make money by simply linking to us, we get new customers enjoying our services. The internet population almost doubles each year. Hosting is in demand and sells.

How does it work? It's easy!

  • You sign up for FREE with our affiliate program.
  • You receive an e-mail with your id and password and log in immediately.
  • You choose your personal banner or textlink code and copy/paste it into your site.
  • Watch your realtime statistics anytime and cash your checks.

100% one-time payout
If you choose this type of linking code you'd receive every penny we make on sign up of one of our plans.
For example someone ordering our Shark Plan for $26.95 a month would make you exactly that: $26.95 !

20% recurring payout
This option makes you substantial money over time. Let's say a customer signs up for our Shark plan and stays 12 months, you'd make 20% of $26.95 each month (= $5.39), which is $64.68 a year. If that customer stays 3 years it would be $194.04 ! Do the math.

5% payout of what a referred webmaster earns
Let others do the work for you by referring webmasters to our affiliate program. As soon as they sign up and start advertising our hosting you'll receive 5% of what they sell indefinitely. As an example we say you are affiliate A, and you refer a new affiliate B. Affiliate B starts advertising and soon sells a Barracuda Plan ($17.95) on a 20% recurring payout basis. While he'll get $3.59 each month, you'll receive 90 cents each and every time our new customer renews.

  • 100%, 20% and 5% payout schemes can be used simultaneously.
  • Payouts are available 30 days after a customer signs up, right after our 30-day-money-back guarantee expires.
  • Checks get sent if you made a minimum of $30.
  • US checks, Paypal payments and reduction of your hosting costs are free. International checks come with a fee of $4.

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 Our web hosting plans sell

 Realtime statistics of clickthroughs and sales

 You can link from anywhere

 Payouts once a month

 Payment by check, paypal or get deductions of your hosting fee

 Incredible 100% one time payout of what we make

 Or 20% each and every month your referred customer stays with us

 Or get 5% of each sale of a referred webmaster

 You get a sale even if your referral leaves our site and comes back later

 International affiliates welcome

 Advertising banner are served from our server

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